Responsive Websites

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Responsive websites respond to the user’s device in a dynamic way. The way the content displays changes depending on the screen size, and (for mobiles and tablets) the orientation of the screen.

Responsive web design uses breakpoints to determine the layout of the site. The breakpoints are based on the width of the browser.

The Rise of Mobiles

As recently as 2010, most websites were designed for desktops or laptops with big screens. Mobile users’ experience was often not given much thought.

In 2020, mobiles represented just over half of all internet traffic.

Desktops were 46%, and tablets just 3%.

This means that all websites need to provide a great experience to visitors using mobiles.

Mobiles and Desktops Used for Different Purposes

According to Telemedia Online, mobiles and desktops are used for different purposes.