Block Patterns

Block Patterns can create stylish and eye-catching combinations of words and pictures.

Here’s an example of how you could use a Block Pattern to highlight an image.

And another example of a Block Pattern, using a background colour and columns with text and images for a visually stimulating presentation of a topic.

british wildlife

Brown Hares

Brown hares, also known as European hares, are charismatic wild animals. While not native to the UK, they have been here for a long time.

Brown hares may have originated on the grasslands of central Asia. They are native to much of continental Europe, and may have been introduced to Britain by the Romans.

Hares live above ground, not in burrows, and rely on speed to evade predators.

Brown hare in North Yorkshire
Brown hare in North Yorkshire
Black tips to a hare's ears
Black tips to a hare’s ears
Morning wash and brush-up
Morning wash and brush-up

Natural predators of hares include foxes and birds of prey. There are human threats too, from intensification of agriculture and hunting.