WordPress Websites

Responsive website built with WordPress
Responsive website built with WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, used by 41.4% of the world’s top 10 million websites. It’s a reliable and flexible foundation for a website.

You can choose an existing design (‘theme’) for me to customise, or I can design a bespoke WordPress website.

Any website I design will be responsive, which means that the layout changes to fit the size of screen it’s being viewed on.

Types of website include business, e-commerce, community, photography, and personal.

Business Websites

Bees and honeycomb
Beekeeping Courses

A business website could be similar to this one, offering your services and giving potential customers a way of getting in touch.

A good business website is the best marketing tool there is, and can often be your main way of finding new customers.

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E-Commerce Websites

Online Shop
Online Shop

People are doing more and more shopping online, and e-commerce now represents 25% of all retail sales in the UK.

The advantage of your own web shop is that it puts in you in control of your online sales.

With WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, I can build an online shop. When a customer makes a purchase, you’re notified of the order and payment by email, then all you have to do is post or deliver.

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Personal Websites

Personal Website
Personal Website

If you have a passion for a particular subject or hobby, you might already post about it on social media. To take it one step further, why not have your own website devoted to what you’re passionate about?

Your own website gives you control over your images and other content, and allows you to be creative. You could even host a discussion forum.

What starts out as a hobby could turn into a small business, whether it’s selling craft items or a book you’ve written.

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Other Websites

Other types of website include community, charity, or voluntary organisation websites, and I’m happy to build them at special rates.

I can also build non-WordPress websites if you prefer.

Advantages of WordPress

There are lots of advantages to WordPress. They include:

  • it is kept up-to-date by a large community of software developers
  • WordPress websites are search engine-friendly, and do well in the Google rankings
  • you can manage and add content to your website yourself, if you wish
  • WordPress enables your website to do almost anything you want it to do – see What Can WordPress Websites Do?

What Can WordPress Websites Do?

WordPress itself has lots of capabilities, including:

  • providing a blogging platform
  • working as a Content Management System (so you can update your website easily without coding)

It’s functions can be extended by plugins, which enable your website to have:

  • an online shop
  • a forum
  • a photo gallery

and more.